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A Successful First Table Read

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

A table read is an integral part in the process to bring a story to life, whether that's in the medium of filmmaking or theatre.

This is the first time the writer gets to hear his or her words out loud directly from the actors, as opposed to a number of different voices in their own heads.

Often times, questions and comments arise during these table reads that allow the story to be molded into a deeper and more meaningful story.

This was the case for the VIVA short film.

the family meets

On Tuesday, February 8th, a part of the team gathered to bring the words of the VIVA short film to life.

This table read consisted of Lorena - the main character - (played by Arami Malaisé) her best friend Tati (played by Chloé Malaisé), Lorena's brother, Luis (played by Alex Loynaz), and the writer and director Steve (played by Steve).

Questions arose and Steve has gone back to the drawing board!

Lines are being cut.

Lines are being added.

A new revision of the VIVA short film is in the works and will be ready for an exciting shoot in Cartagena, Colombia in less than two months.

"...back to the drawing board!"


A table read for VIVA wouldn't be complete without Steven's famous picadillo. This amazing meal came with rice and beans, platanos maduros, and yuca con mojo. Classic.

This night was incredibly inspiring and a stepping stone to the next step of the journey... the location scouting in Cartagena.


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